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In 1978 when the first Unit at Jeffrey Energy Center located near St. Marys , Kansas started burning Powder River Basin Coal, Don Hock started marketing Class C Fly Ash out of that plant under the name of Kansas Ash. In 1992, Flinthills Fly Ash began marketing out of the Jeffrey plant under the leadership of Bill and Brady Pryor and worked side by side with Kansas Ash to grow the Class C Fly Ash market. In 1996, the two companies merged into one and marketed their products under the name of Fly Ash Management, L.L.C. During the course of the 25 years these companies were marketing Fly Ash, a relationship developed with Ash Grove Cement and in 2004 a joint venture was formed between Ash Grove Cement and Fly Ash Management to market industrial by-products into the construction industry. Ash Grove Resources, L.L.C. which is based out of Topeka, Kansas, was specifically formed to market cement kiln dust (CKD) as Ash Grove Durabase® and Class C Fly Ash. The Ash Grove Durabase® which we market is produced at Ash Grove Cement plants in the Midwest and Texas Divisions. These two products were formerly land-filled and finding a productive use for it has contributed to a sustainable development drive in our companies.

Our Ash Grove Durabase® and Class C Fly Ash are a growing section in the construction industry now. Sales of Ash Grove Durabase® have grown to more than 60% of production of the product at the Ash Grove Cement plants located in Midwest and Texas Divisions. Why? Ash Grove Durabase® is currently viewed by builders as a valuable investment. It is an effective product in stabilizing soils. Using CKD lengthens the service life of our nation's roads and parking lots.

Ash Grove Durabase® is brought to market today with much success. It is now available in three states in our region. Our Ash Grove Durabase® producing plants are in Chanute, Kansas; Midlothian, Texas; and Foreman, Arkansas. With three plants providing this product, much more is available for the construction industry to utilize for soil stabilization projects.

Ash Grove Resources, L.L.C. also markets Class C Fly Ash. This is used as a soil stabilization product in the same applications as our Ash Grove Durabase®. It is also a material that can be used in concrete production. This versatile material has seen an acceptance in the construction industry over the course of the last ten years. Today, that growth potential continues to rise.

With newly constructed Fly Ash terminals in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Chanute, Kansas, Ash Grove Resources, L.L.C. is able to provide first class service to our customers in a wide market area. Whether you use Ash Grove Durabase® or Fly Ash, Ash Grove Resources, L.L.C is better situated today to provide you with the options that best fit your operational needs.

This past year we saw a 22% increase in the sales of our products making Ash Grove Resources, L.L.C. a leader in the construction material industry throughout the Midwest. Today, Ash Grove Resources, L.L.C. looks towards tomorrow with much anticipation and with great excitement.

As Ash Grove Resources, L.L.C. continues to build upon our strong foundation, we understand that our employees continue to be our most valued asset. We continue to build an exceptional workforce to serve our customers. We do this by choosing talented and motivated people. These individuals will help us achieve our mission to provide a quality, value-added product to our customers in a professional, ethical and timely manner.

Ash Grove Durabase® and Fly Ash will continue to be the core of our business. However, Ash Grove Resources, L.L.C. is committed to exploring all possibilities to find industrial by-products that can work inside the construction industry. As these new products continue to be examined, we will continue to grow our current markets through promotion and research.